Quality workforce

N2-qualified and completed phase 1 – 3 of of institutional training.
Students undergo stringent tests to ensure quality standards.

Adding Value

Students employed as first years with the knowledge and skill of a third year.

Return on Investment

No training or placement fee for the employer.


Welcome to Ajani

Ajani is a registered private company that offers placement opportunities to artisan students in particular.  Ajani places students at SETA and NAMB approved companies and arranges trade tests.  Only students who have completed their N2-qualification, formal institutional training and fully paid account for the training, will be placed. Placements are made for the following trades: millwright, electrician, diesel mechanic, fitter and turner, toolmaker, welder and fitter.


Everything you need to know about the placement process & requirements, SETA learner agreement and own employers.

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Find out how your company can benefit from taking in our students to do their practical and qualify as an artisan.

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Trade Test

Everything you need to know about the trade test. Here is a complete guide on the process and requirements to obtain your Red Seal qualification.

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Ajani Services:

  • Sourcing of SETA and NAMB approved employers
  • Arranging interviews for students
  • Administrating & facilitating the NAMB/SETA learner agreement between the employer and learner.
  • Arranging trade test dates
  • Hand-over of the Red Seal certificate (Section 26 D)
  • Liaison with employers, SETAs and NAMB
  • Facilitating SETA and NAMB workplace approval for employers

Placement is dependent on:

  • SETA and NAMB workplace approval
  • Position Availability
  • Time of year
  • Artisan and learner ratio within the company
  • BEE and economic climate

No exact time can be given as to how long before a student will be placed. The average time for placement is 2 months.


For any queries, please contact us. We would be glad to assist.

Mrs Mochzell Potgieter Apprenticeship Facilitator is dedicated to Placements, Trade Tests and Red Seals for the Electrician, Diesel Mechanic and TractorMechanic
Email: mochzell@ajani.co.za
Tel number:  0861 999 88 00

Mrs Hes Hitge Apprenticeship Facilitator is dedicated to Placements, Trade Tests and Red Seals for the Millwright, Fitter and Turner, Toolmaker andwelder

Email: Hes@ajani.co.za
Tel number : 0861 999 88 00


"We are pleased to participate in this venture which will assist in bridging the gap on the scarcity of qualified Diesel Mechanics in the industry, as well as the development and improvement of skills and the quality of life for South Africans. "

− Unitrans Passenger

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their dedication to the development of artisans. In the manufacturing industry high quality artisans are critical to the success of the company. York Timbers usually take in artisan students from Ajani for their practical and are never disappointed with the quality of students supplied. We will definitely continue sourcing students and artisans from Ajani!"

− York Timbers

"The back-up, support and management of Ajani is of very high standard and it made it easy for the employer to manage the process. We wish to recommend Ajani without any reservation."

− PG Bison

Practical workplace component and trade test requirements are without notice subject to change as prescribed by NAMB (National Artisans Moderating Body). NAMB is the regulatory body of the 23 SETAs in South Africa and functions under the Department of Higher Education and Training.