Ajani’s training provider is a merSETA accredited training provider. The merSETA is the leading artisan SETA in SA.

The college also recently submitted their applications for accreditation with the CETA and EWSETA.

Important to know

That means legislatively based on the tradesmen training model dictated by the Department of Higher Education and Training and NAMB, Ajani’s students must do their practical time (on-the-job experience) at SETA and NAMB approved companies or at companies which SETA has a MOU towards the merSETA like the Agriseta, Foodbevseta, TETA and W&R.

SETA and NAMB workplace approval in the particular trade is a prerequisite for a NAMB/SETA learner agreement.

Simply put: The company must have the machinery and qualified personnel to provide the learner the correct on-the-job experience, based on the SETA/NAMB curriculum training provided.

SETA accreditation is not the same thing as SETA and NAMB workplace approval. SETA accreditation without workplace approval will not suffice for learner registration.

SETA AccreditationSETA and NAMB Workplace Approval
23 SETAs in SA.Employer has a workshop (if applicable), correct machinery and tools, qualified personnel based on SETA / NAMB curriculum to provide on-the-job training.
Each company falls under the jurisdiction of a SETA based on their industry.Workplace approval for particular trade prerequisite for NAMB/SETA learner agreement.
Company can be accredited by 1 SETA & pay skills levies to this SETA only.No levies are paid to the SETA for this approval.
Company can have SETA and NAMB workplace approval from more than 1 SETA.

Any company can apply for SETA and NAMB workplace approval. The company doesn’t pay any fees or levies to the SETA to obtain such approval. Ajani facilitates the application and process.

Important to know

According to the merSETA, a learner agreement may only be backdated for 6 months. That means the learner agreement must be registered within this time frame. This may differ from SETA to SETA.

If a learner works at an employer who has applied for the required SETA and NAMB workplace approval, should the start date of the contract only be determined once the approval has been issued. The contract should also only be backdated once the workplace has been approved.


  • Proper Factory / Workshop (if applicable)
  • A list of tools based on the SETA and NAMB curriculum – Download Applicable Tool List

For Millwright application, complete the Electrician and Tool, Jig and Die Maker Tool List (Sections Applicable)

For Electrician application, complete the Electrician Tool List

For Diesel application, complete the Diesel Tool List

For Fitter and Turner application, complete the Tool, Jig and Die Maker Tool List (Sections Applicable)

For Toolmaker application, complete the Tool, Jig and Die Maker Tool List (Sections Applicable)

  • Certificates of qualified tradesmen on-site for the particular trades
  • Tax Clearance Certificate / EMP201
  • Health and Safety Officer Certificate

How to apply

Please e-mail the above documents to Ajani to submit to the SETA.

If you need assistance completing the form, please contact us.

  • Increased BEE rating based on skills development.
  • Completed Level 3 institutional training but employed as a first year learner.
  • Up to R30 000+ SARS tax relief on each successfully registered NAMB/SETA learner agreement.
  • No levies/fees are paid to the SETA for this approval.
  • Learners can be employed – increased productivity for the company.