• If you comply with the basic requirements (link to Trade Test / What do you need )of a trade test, Ajani can arrange a trade test for you.
  • 2 weeks free assessment at Sol-Tech prior to trade test centre preparation – arranged by the learner himself with the lecturer
  • Compulsory trade test preparation at trade test centre – paid for privately
  • Trade test at centre – paid for privately
  • Issue of trade test results at centre
  • Issue of Red Seal certificate (Section 26 D) – Link to this documentby NAMB/QCTO to the SETA
  • Ajani receives the Red Seal certificate from the SETA


it will be posted directly to the learner by the SETA.
Unless the employer has arranged the learner’s trade test enquiries regarding the Red Seal must go through your employer.

Ajani Step-by-Step

  1. Ajani submits your documentation to the SETA.
  2. The SETA contacts the trade test centre with a trade test date and informs Ajani.
  3. Ajani notifies the learner.
  4. Learner writes the trade test.
  5. If proved competent, the Red Seal certificate (Section 26D) (link to this document) will be issued between 0-6 months.

Important to know

  • Ajani has no control over the duration of time before date is issued.
  • Proof of payment is required before date is issued by SETA.
  • Ajani has no control over the duration of time before the Red Seal certificate is issued.