• We understand you may want to source your own SETA and NAMB approved employer. Perhaps because it is nearby home. You are welcome.

We want to ensure the employer has the required SETA and NAMB workplace approval for a NAMB/SETA learner agreement to be registered.

We also want to clarify if the employer wishes to register the agreement, or Ajani.

  • Employers that fall under the scope of merSETA, Foodbevseta , Agriseta, TETA and W&R can employ Ajani students.

One Condition: The employer has SETA and NAMB workplace approval for the particular trade.

  • If the employer doesn’t have the right SETA and NAMB workplace approval, Ajani will facilitate the SETA and NAMB workplace approval process.

If requested by the employer and they cooperate.

  • Ajani cannot provide any guarantee that an employer will be SETA and NAMB approved.
  • According to the merSETA, a learner agreement may only be backdated for 6 months. That means the learner agreement must be registered within this time frame.  (This may differ from SETA to SETA.)

If a learner works at an employer who has applied for the required SETA and NAMB workplace approval, should the start date of the contract only be determined once the approval has been issued. The contract should also only be backdated once the workplace has been approved.

Important to know

If a student found his own employer without notifying Ajani, Ajani will not be held responsible for a NAMB/SETA and learner agreement not being registered, nor any contractual / practical time worked complications that may occur from this decision.