A company can greatly benefit when taking in our students for their artisan practical:

  • No placement fee.
  • Students have their N1 and N2.
  • Students have completed Phase 1, 2 and 3 institutional training.
  • N1, N2 and institutional training – paid for privately.
  • No training costs for the company – only apprentice salary.
  • When students start at the company, they start as a 1st year but bring 3rd year knowledge and skill to the company.
  • The learner is employed full-time at the employer – student doesn’t return to the college for further training.
  • Learners add production value to the company – no basic training skills required.
  • Company only employs the student for 12 months – student already completed his/her N1, N2 and institutional training.
  • Company saves money opposed to sourcing a learner without N1, N2 or institutional training.
  • No risk of production lost.